The digital certificate is issued by SCIS as the Issuing CA through the Iraqi National Public Key Infrastructure (IQ_NPKI) and in accordance with the Digital Signature Law No. 78 of 2012.

This type of certificates is used to sign (Word, XML) files within the institution by means of the digital platforms and services provided by the public and private institutions to citizens, employees or individuals within the institution.  The digital certificate is used to sign electronic contracts, electronic application forms or files within electronic archiving programs and other services.

All e-service providers can apply to obtain private trust digital certificates by submitting a request to the Ministry of Communications through Vanrise, the company licensed to provide digital signature services in Iraq.

Any of the following documents can be used to issue the private trust digital certificate:

  • Passport - valid for a period of not less than six months.
  • Unified national card – valid for a period of not less than six months.
  • Driving license - valid for a period of not less than six months.
  • If the revocation request comes from the customer/user, the request will be checked and the digital certificate will be revoked
  • If the revocation request comes from SCIS for any reason mentioned in the CP/CPS, the request will be checked and the digital certificate will be revoked

If your computer was stolen, you need to inform our customer service center immediately to revoke the certificate by sending an E-mail to info@vanrise.com.iq or call us on 07801777700 or visit Vanrise offices in Baghdad, Al-Jadriya, Region 913 26, House (building) 6.

Yes, all types of digital signatures are accredited by the Iraqi law in accordance to the law of transactions No. 78 of the year 2012 which provides the technical and legal protection to the user (citizen, official entity, or organization).


  • Providing the legal framework for the use of electronic means in conducting electronic transactions
  • Granting legal authority for electronic transactions and electronic signature, and organizing their provisions
  • Enhancing confidence in the validity and safety of electronic transactions
  • Electronic transactions executed by natural or legal persons
  • Transactions that the parties agree to implement by electronic means
  • Electronic financial and commercial securities
  • Transactions related to personal status matters and personal items
  • Establishing a will and endowment, and amending its provisions
  • Transactions related to disposing of immovable property, including agencies related to them, their title deeds, and the establishment of in-kind rights, with the exception of lease contracts for these funds
  • Transactions for which the law has a certain formal fee
  • Court procedures, judicial announcements, announcements to attend, search orders, court orders, and judicial rulings
  • Any document that the law requires notarized by a notary

The electronic signature shall be authentic in the evidence if it is approved by the certification body and it fulfills the following conditions:

  • That the electronic signature is linked to the site alone and not to others
  • That the electronic mediator be under the control of the site alone and not others
  • That any modification or alteration of the electronic signature is subject to disclosure
  • To be established according to the procedures specified by the Ministry, with instructions issued by the Minister
  • Upon the death of a natural person or the expiration of the legal person
  • If it is found that the information related to the creation of the electronic signature is false, forged, or inconsistent with reality, or when using the certificate illegally
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